An Ad for Every Dog— Puppo

An Ad for Every Dog— Puppo

In order to launch itself in New York City, Puppo personalised meals for all the 100,729 registered dogs of NYC.

An algorithm extracted data from the NYC dog licensing data linked each dog to its health benefits and led to a personalised meal for each of the dogs.

Using it’s “Every Dog has its Ad” Campaign, Puppo managed to target the dog owners by using personalised digital OOH, posters and digital display around their respective homes.

In around one week the personalised ads saw a 68% increase in website visits and a 144% increase in organic search.

Marketing and Personalisation work hand-in-hand and the results of this campaign proves it to us.

Take a look at how Puppo managed to grasp the attention of NYC dog owners using personalised meals and advertisements.


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