How Instagram Reels Diverted Consumer Attention

How Instagram Reels Diverted Consumer Attention

Instagram has now managed to replicate TikTok by substituting its explore page with the Reels section. While we pretty much disliked the change, Instagram has managed to attack consumer psychology and create consumer attraction towards its TikTok clone— Reels.

  1. By replacing the famous Explore Tab with Reels, it has targeted Consumer Psychology as people who subconsciously click on that tab will now get drawn to Reels too.

  2. By creating a tab that exactly looks like TikTok, it will now be able to target the content creators who would have an inclination to showcase their talent through these 15 seconds reels.

  3.  A section completely dedicated to Reels, will also increase viewership. 

  4. Organised Content= Attractive Look= Increase in Viewership

“Facebook is making its newest Reels feature even more prominent in India as it now has a dedicated tab for Reels. The update is due to the momentum we’re seeing in the country,” said Adam Mosseri, Instagram head.

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