Instagram Tools that Will Up Your Digital Marketing Game

Instagram Tools that Will Up Your Digital Marketing Game


There are multiple ways to track your data on Instagram. Picking and selecting the perfect one can be a daunting experience. We have whittled them down to some of our personal favorites that will help you understand data analysis better


  1. Iconosquare

Whether you are a beginner in the digital marketing field or an expert, one of the most ideal tools you can use is Iconosquare. It offers a detailed brief on your page including demographics and growing your social media presence. It allows you to take a 14 day free trial where you may schedule your posts, read case studies and know your backend data. Iconosquare also helps you compare your data and analysis with your competitors.




Another excellent tool to analyse your digital data is It helps you to sync data from various platforms and gives a comparative study on the same. A distinctive feature in this tool is that it shows you the unfollow data per day of your Instagram page. This simple tool also allows you to compare hashtags and shows its analytics. You can schedule uploads on your page too using this tool.



  1. Social Bakers

If your brand is active on multiple social media platforms, Social Bakers is one of the best tool to analyse your data and drive growth by understanding your audience, creating content they love, analyzing engagement and improving cross-channel care. It summarizes the campaign data to give you a better understanding and comparative study.


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