‘It’s between you’ – WhatsApp’s latest campaign brings people together during the pandemic

‘It’s between you’ – WhatsApp’s latest campaign brings people together during the pandemic

WhatsApp has recently launched its global campaign ‘It’s between you’ in India, narrating stories about how Indians communicate on the app, bringing to life its commitment towards privacy and how, when we feel secure we can communicate as our true selves.

The campaign, conceptualised by BBDO and Bollywood director Gauri Shinde, consists of two short films. One of them shows a conversation between an elderly woman and her caregiver who is not able to visit her owing to the pandemic and the restrictions imposed. It shows how the app provides as a medium of conversation and connects them while highlighting its features such as text messages, audio messages, video calls etc.


The other clip shows how the younger sister gives confidence to her elder sister via a WhatsApp video call again emphasizing on their theme of connecting and bringing people together. It shows the younger one giving instructions and the elder one following them to give herself a haircut at home.


Josy Paul, CCO and chairman of BBDO India said, “The task was like branding oxygen. It’s already there, we just had to give it greater meaning. The idea had to be truly global and yet connect locally. How do we define a place in people’s hearts for WhatsApp to live—the basis of an emotional connection that is ownable and sustaining.”

He further added, “We began with the product. WhatsApp’s privacy can be quite liberating. It leads to greater intimacy and real human connections. The brand idea ‘It’s between you’ is a simple capture of that feeling. It’s what led us to real human stories where intimacy liberates you in so many ways. It was like drafting the constitution of a great nation called intimacy in just three words ‘It’s between you’.”

The campaign is expected to run for a duration of 10 weeks in India across various television channels and digital platforms in different languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Assamese and Oriya.


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