Lay’s Teams Up With Airtel in Its Latest Ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor

Lay’s Teams Up With Airtel in Its Latest Ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor

The Potato chip giant, Lay’s, has launched a new campaign to promote its partnership with Airtel, which is offering free mobile data to its prepaid customers who buy a packet of Lay’s chips. 

The ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor, the brand ambassador for Lay’s, sets the narrative of two friends connecting over a video call amidst the lockdown. Several people have had to learn how to cook during the pandemic since ordering food from outside may not be the safest option. Ranbir’s friend complains to him that he’s tired of eating the same old Khichdi every day and wants to make Biryani for a change. At this point, Ranbir Kapoor begins to give him instructions on how to cook Biryani and he begins by asking him to get a packet of Lays. Baffled by this, his friend asks him why he would need Lay’s for making Biryani. He then continues on anyway and Ranbir then tells him that he will find free mobile data in the pack of Lay’s so he can enjoy a video on how to make Biryani online. The ad then ends with some fun and playful conversation between the two. 

This ad created by the agency Wunderman Thompson uses relatable friendly banter to promote the new partnership between the two brands in this new campaign. Take a look


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