Motilal Oswal is Here to the Rescue if the Pandemic Has Dug a Hole in Your Pocket

Motilal Oswal is Here to the Rescue if the Pandemic Has Dug a Hole in Your Pocket

The process of investing can be quite intimidating to a layman and most people need guidance whilst investing their hard-earned money. Motilal Oswal has introduced a revamped version of its MO Investor app, to simplify the investment process and to educate people on financial markets and investments. The Upgrade adds several unique features and has improved the user interface to make the experience more lucid. The app is a one-stop platform for financial advice, planning, investing and tracking those investments. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Here are some of the new features and products to explore


1. Stock SIP

Users can now invest in small defined quantities every month to plan their goals smartly and take advantage of compounding to accumulate their funds. This will enable users to benefit from Rupee cost averaging and guard their portfolio against short term fluctuations in the market. 



To educate users on how the financial markets work, the app has a section with short 2-3 minute videos that simplify and explain financial markets. The extensive series of videos are divided into beginner, intermediate and expert to help different types of users with DIY investments based on their level of understanding.

EDUMO breaks down the complex marketing terminologies into fragments that are easy to understand. This is a great way to gain more knowledge about the market through videos and demos while investing.


3. US Equity Investments

The app now provides users with the opportunity to invest in highly desired US stocks like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, JP Morgan and Tesla among others with seamless integration. The process is quick and requires no minimum investment amount. Users can also invest in fractional stocks and build a diversified portfolio. The investments are thematic and follow a streamlined process for transferring funds in US Dollars. 


4. Model Portfolio

The app helps users to improve their portfolio to maximise funds through smart AI tools to bring balance and structure across equity, mutual funds and PMS. This is enabled through personalised insights and offering recommendations on risk profile. It also offers rationale on recommendations and five distinct recommendation baskets.


5. Theme Based Mutual Funds Investment

The app has introduced theme-based mutual funds for interested users. The six theme options available to the users are Funds with Best Returns, Top-Rated Funds, Equity Funds, Tax Saver Funds, Better Than FDs and Top AMCs.


6. Curated Mutual Fund Portfolio Based Investing Style

Based on a user’s risk profile, the app will offer expert-backed portfolios for SIP / Lumpsum investments. Users could be aggressive, balanced or conservative with their investments, and each user has a distinct vision. This new feature gives users the option to choose the frequency and amount of their investments.


7. IAP– Intelligent Advisory Portfolios Content and Screens

Intelligent Advisory Portfolios (IAP) is an organized blend of equity products that can be invested in immediately. This feature is ideal for investors who are keen in participating in the market but find it hard to take out the time to constantly manage portfolios which can often get very complicated.


8. Customisable Multi-Asset Watch List

Users can now create a personalised watch list for their favourite stocks for quick investment and tracking. They will also receive recommendations from in-house experts through this feature. Monitoring can be further simplified with unique sorting options from the Filter/Sort menu.


9. Enhanced Get Quote Page

New parameters such as analysing stocks, valuation, financial and quote trends will work towards making the investment experience more rewarding. Aspects such as news, peer comparison, corporate action, mutual fund holdings, etc. will be the key focus areas with this feature.


10. Quick Order Execution

This feature will enable users to execute their trade orders independently with the simple click of a button. The markets can be volatile, and reacting promptly to changes is often crucial. A robust order execution system now enables users to respond to fluctuations in the economy quickly.


The MO Investor App is available on both Android and iOSClick here to open a Demat account. 

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