Oven Story Claims Their Pizzas are the Safest in Town

Oven Story Claims Their Pizzas are the Safest in Town

While the pandemic is still at large, people have slowly begun adjusting to the new normal. Businesses have also slowly started resuming. Yet, when it comes to ordering food from outside, people have their apprehensions since they don't know how hygienic the preparation process is and the rate at which the virus is spreading justifies their caution. 

Amidst this, several brands are trying to maintain high standards of hygiene and promote safety practices to help consumers feel safe and comfortable to use their products and services once again.

Oven Story Pizza launched an ad campaign called the #SafestPizzaInTown to demonstrate how they practice safe and hygienic procedures to prepare their pizzas so people don’t have to think twice before ordering from them. The ad conceptualised by Publicis India shows a young man reminiscing about the time when he could order pizzas from Oven Story without any worries and now they have to make do with parathas(stuffed Indian flatbread). His roommate then tells him about Oven Story’s high safety standards encouraging him to give in to his craving since it is safe now.

The ad does a great job of expressing people’s cravings for pizzas which are often irresistible, and also captures the anxiety that people often feel while having to order food from outside. Take a look

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