Why Your Brand Needs Influencer Marketing

Why Your Brand Needs Influencer Marketing

Instagram is considered to be the fastest growing social media platform. With the introduction of updates and features, this app is surely there for the long run. People have adapted to Instagram and of its 400 Million users, around 60% check the platform on a daily basis. One of the key strategies that revolves around the platform is influencer marketing.


This marketing strategy includes bloggers and influencers that have a high following. Their audience are very well informed about their lifestyle and living. Almost everyone on the platform is known to be influenced by people and their purchases. To increase the brand’s likeliness and their purchasing patterns, they ought to invest in influencer marketing strategy.

This marketing tool is essential to track your sales as well as check blogger’s conversion rate on the platform. Influencers with more than 100,000 followers have around a 1.7 % engagement level while those with around 50,000 have around 3.5% engagement. The three core sets to target during influencer marketing are reach, expertise and brand interest. A higher engagement and quality followers are something brands should keep in mind before selecting their influencer.

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