YouTube Music’s New Campaign Shows How Our Music Defines Who We Are

YouTube Music’s New Campaign Shows How Our Music Defines Who We Are

People often have a deep connection with music and everyone has a very distinct taste in it. What we listen to often becomes a part of who we are and it often helps us discover ourselves a little better. It also is a great driver of emotions and helps us connect with our deepest feelings and gives us the courage to be ourselves.

There is often a stigma around listening to particular kinds of music and people tend to listen to what they do not like owing to peer pressure, just to fit in. This often propagates and more and more people begin listening to the same kinds of music because that is what sells and the same type of music often ends up in our app recommendations and top charts. 

To address this issue, YouTube Music came up with a new series of video commercials, along with the agency Anomaly, that shows how what we listen to defines who we are. These inclusive videos represent different types of people and how their music helps them connect with themselves better. It shows how music is more than just a convenience or something happening in the background. It highlights how everyone has unique tastes and needs different songs and this choice transcends the barriers of language, gender or race. The ads then flash the words, “It’s not just what we listen to. It’s who we are”. They then conclude stating that there are more songs, versions and videos on the YouTube Music App than anywhere else, urging viewers to switch over.

These videos include 5 people with 5 different themes that define who those people are. Take a look

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