BullRAGe, a workout and athleisure brand, has launched its latest campaign featuring Shivam Dube, a well-known cricketer. The campaign is designed by Decision Pinnacle.


About BullRAGe

BullRAGe offers activewear for both men and women. The brand started offline and recently expanded online through direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales. Soon, their products will be available on various marketplaces across India.


Shivam Dube as Brand Ambassador

Shivam Dube, who is currently playing for the Indian team in the T20 World Cup, is the face of the campaign. The campaign's tagline, "Hope, Hustle, Triumph," is inspired by Shivam's journey in cricket. Shivam shared his excitement about being the brand ambassador, saying, "BullRAGe's functional fabric enhances my performance. The brand’s story of taming rage to succeed resonates with me."


Insights from FairPlay Sports

Bandana Chhetri, founder of FairPlay Sports, which manages Shivam and other top athletes, stated, "Shivam Dube's partnership with BullRAGe enriches our portfolio. It showcases our commitment to athletes who demonstrate resilience and excellence. This collaboration is about empowering individuals who embody perseverance."


Words from BullRAGe’s Founder

Afzal Pasha Mohammad, founder of BullRAGe, expressed his delight at having Shivam as the brand's ambassador. He said, "Shivam's journey of overcoming adversity aligns with our brand values. We believe that the moment of rage fuels commitment and success. BullRAGe is designed for high-performance workouts."


Conceptualization of the Campaign

The campaign was created by Decision Pinnacle and produced by Median. Shivakant Menon, creative director at Decision Pinnacle, said, "Taming rage can fuel passion and ambition. This is true for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone who uses rage positively. The campaign connects the brand’s philosophy with Shivam Dube’s story. BullRAGe aims to build the biggest workout community through an apparel brand."