PayPal, the US-based payments company, is set to enter the advertising business by leveraging its extensive user data. The company plans to create an ad network, drawing data from its PayPal and Venmo platforms. To spearhead this new venture, PayPal has appointed Mark Grether as the head of the advertising business. Grether brings over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry, having previously served as the Vice President and General Manager of Uber Advertising. 


Strategic Vision

PayPal's move into advertising is driven by its unique position in the commerce ecosystem, with deep-rooted relationships with millions of consumers and merchants. This strategic advantage allows PayPal to create an advertising platform that is closely integrated with commerce. In a statement, the company emphasized, "PayPal's long-standing relationships with millions of consumers and merchants make the company uniquely positioned to create an advertising platform that is rooted in commerce. Grether will join the company to build an advertising business that will help make merchants smarter to sell more products and services effectively and enable consumers to discover more of what they love.”


Advanced Offers Platform

The new advertising business will incorporate PayPal's advanced offers platform, which utilizes customer insights to deliver dynamic and personalized services. This approach aims to help merchants maximize the effectiveness of their advertising spend while providing consumers with tailored and appealing offers.


New Executive Appointments

In addition to Grether's appointment, PayPal has also brought on board, John Anderson, as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the consumer group. Anderson will oversee PayPal's consumer business and product strategy for both PayPal and Venmo worldwide. He previously served as the head of product and payments at Plaid and has a decade of experience at Meta in various product and leadership roles.

PayPal's entry into the advertising sector marks a significant expansion of its business model, capitalizing on its vast user data to create a more integrated and effective advertising platform. With seasoned executives like Mark Grether and John Anderson at the helm, PayPal aims to enhance the advertising landscape for merchants and consumers alike.