Lahori Zeera, a desi-flavoured fizzy drink brand by Archian Foods, has launched its first major advertising campaign after seven years of building its presence in Punjab and expanding into Northern and Western states. The campaign, titled "Har Koi Peera, Lahori Zeera," marks a significant milestone as the brand aims for nationwide expansion.


Building the Brand

Archian Foods founded by cousins Saurabh Munjal, Saurabh Bhutna, and Nikhil Doda in 2017, focused on establishing Lahori Zeera in Punjab for the first five years. By 2022, the company expanded into states like Haryana, Delhi NCR, West UP, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, and parts of Uttarakhand and Rajasthan. Despite operating in a market dominated by giants like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Lahori Zeera has carved out its niche with a 160ml bottle priced at Rs 10.


Campaign Launch

The "Har Koi Peera, Lahori Zeera" campaign, conceptualised by Enormous and directed by Early Man Film, features a 60-second spot showcasing people from diverse professions integrating Lahori Zeera into their daily routines. The dialogue-free narrative and rhythmic beat highlight the product's appeal.


Campaign Objective

The primary goals of the campaign are to build brand awareness and create aspirational value for Lahori Zeera. The name "Lahori Zeera" is non-descriptive, posing a challenge to brand recognition. By emphasising the drink's traditional roots and unique flavour, the campaign aims to instil a sense of pride among consumers.


Marketing Strategy

Lahori Zeera's marketing strategy includes a diversified product portfolio with flavours like Lahori Nimboo, Lahori Shikanji, Lahori Imli Banta, Lahori Kacchha Aam, and Lahori Gimbo. However, the campaign focuses solely on Lahori Zeera, which contributes 90% of the overall revenue.

The brand plans to advertise mainly on television, particularly news channels, to leverage the media coverage of the Lok Sabha elections. Television commands over 50% of the total marketing budget, followed by in-shop branding, dealer boards, digital marketing, cab branding, and billboards. Lahori Zeera has not appointed any media buying agency and is directly communicating with media companies.


Sponsorship and Future Strategies

Lahori Zeera is also co-presenting the weekend show "Madness Machayenge - India Ko Hasayenge" on SonyTV with standup comedian Harsh Gujaral. As part of its pan-India expansion, the brand is launching new flavours based on market research and consumer preferences, including Masala Cola and Minty Lemon.


Revenue Channels and Competitive Landscape

General trade and traditional trade channels account for approximately 99% of Lahori Zeera's revenue, with modern trade and quick commerce contributing less than 1%. The brand competes with industry giants and regional players by offering ethnic desi flavours at a competitive price point.