, a leading job portal in India, has launched a new campaign aimed at addressing the workplace challenges faced by Gen Z workers. The campaign, titled "Naukri For Ambitions," aims to position Naukri as the preferred platform for young professionals who are often labelled as "entitled" and "bad at communication" by employers. The campaign was conceptualized by Lowe Lintas and includes two ad films that highlight the aspirations of Gen Z workers who refuse to settle for mediocrity.


Addressing Gen Z Ambitions

Gen Z workers, born between 1997 and 2012, are frequently viewed by employers as demanding and difficult to manage. A January 2024 study by Resume Builder found that 31% of surveyed managers avoid hiring Gen Z workers, preferring older employees instead. Recognizing this gap, Naukri saw an opportunity to cater to this generation's unique needs and aspirations. Sumeet Singh, Chief Marketing Officer at Info Edge (India), the parent company of Naukri, explained the motivation behind the campaign: "Our goal was to speak the language of Gen Z that’s quick, crisp, and snappy. The essence of the campaign is that Gen Z also values ambition as much as older generations. It is crucial to understand this generation, despite its desire for frequent job changes and higher increments, is serious about its careers."


The Campaign’s Message

The campaign revolves around the notion of refusing to settle for less and striving for greater aspirations. Singh emphasized that the campaign's timing aligns with the current job market, which, while tight, still offers opportunities, especially in non-IT sectors. "Non-IT sectors are still booming, growing, and hiring. I believe, for smart and capable people, there are always job opportunities," Singh said.


Integration with IPL and Digital Strategy

Naukri’s campaign is strategically timed to coincide with the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 and the ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup, as well as the appraisal season. The company has earmarked 65% of its IPL advertising budget for connected television (C-TV) and 35% for mobile, partnering exclusively with JioCinema. This digital-first approach is designed to target Gen Z viewers through specific cohorts based on age and mobile handsets, while C-TV ads are placed without targeting.

“The appraisal season was important for us, and during this time IPL is the biggest property to get the eyeballs,” Singh noted.


Campaign Execution

The ads, designed to be just 20 seconds long due to the high cost of media during cricketing events, focus on quick and impactful messaging. The campaign targets the top 40-50 cities in India with vernacular edits for different regions. Naukri also teamed up with IPL team Royal Challengers Bengaluru for this edition of IPL, posting a Fan-In-Chief 'Job' on its portal through a quirky selection process documented in a seven-episode Instagram video series. Additionally, the company has produced awareness and stand-up comedy videos featuring Anirban Dasgupta and Sapan Verma on YouTube to engage white-collar job seekers.


A Unique Approach to Job Portal Advertising

Unlike other job portals, Naukri has not relied on celebrity endorsements. Singh stated, “As the dominant job portal, we don’t require celebrity endorsements to build awareness; people are already familiar with our platform.” Instead, Naukri leverages humour and relatable content, a strategy that has proven effective since its famous Hari Sadu campaign in 2005. According to a recent report by Analytics India Magazine, holds the highest market share of job postings in India, with over 60%, followed by LinkedIn and Indeed, each with around 10%. The campaign "Naukri For Ambitions" reflects Naukri's understanding of Gen Z's career aspirations and reinforces its commitment to being the go-to platform for this dynamic and ambitious generation.

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