In honour of Menstrual Hygiene Day, Pee Safe has launched a new video campaign using humour to challenge societal taboos and promote open discussions about menstruation. The campaign, centered around the hashtag #PeriodFriendlyWorld, aligns with the global theme of creating a more inclusive environment for menstruators.


Breaking the Silence

According to alarming statistics, 8 in 10 women are silenced by social barriers when it comes to talking about periods. Pee Safe aims to break this silence and start meaningful conversations through its latest initiative. By employing humour, the campaign seeks to engage the public, debunk myths, and foster open discussions about menstrual health.


The Power of Humour

Humour has been strategically chosen as a tool to engage a broader audience and make the topic of menstrual health more approachable. The light-hearted approach not only helps in debunking myths but also encourages people to talk openly about periods, thus normalizing the conversation.


Inclusive Conversations

One of the key objectives of the #PeriodFriendlyWorld campaign is to involve male family members in discussions about periods. By addressing the silence and stigma surrounding menstruation, the campaign aims to combat misinformation and improve menstrual hygiene management. Pee Safe's goal is to create an environment where everyone feels at ease discussing and understanding menstrual health, regardless of gender.


Promoting Menstrual Hygiene

The campaign also highlights the benefits and accessibility of Pee Safe's menstrual hygiene products. By educating the public and connecting with a broader audience, Pee Safe aims to improve menstrual hygiene practices and promote a more inclusive approach to menstrual health.


A Vision for a Period-Friendly World

"We envision a world where periods are treated with the respect and normalcy they deserve," said Vikas Bagaria, Founder of Pee Safe. "By challenging norms and fostering open dialogue, we aim to achieve a more supportive and period-friendly world for all." Pee Safe's campaign is a significant step towards creating a society where menstruation is openly discussed and managed with the dignity it deserves. By using humour and inclusive messaging, Pee Safe hopes to break down barriers and make menstrual health a mainstream topic.