Policybazaar, a prominent Indian insurance platform, has launched a poignant brand film in recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month. The campaign features Major General Vikram Dogra, an Ati Vishisht Seva Medal recipient and Kargil War hero, who narrates his journey of battling depression. This initiative underscores the importance of mental health and aims to challenge the stigma associated with mental health issues.


Key Themes and Message

The campaign centres around the concept of redefining strength. Major General Dogra, a figure traditionally associated with physical and mental resilience, shares his struggle with depression to emphasize that seeking help and addressing mental health issues is a true act of courage. The film aims to inspire viewers to prioritize their mental health and seek necessary medical assistance without shame or hesitation.


Major General Vikram Dogra's Story

The film begins with Major General Dogra reflecting on the numerous medals he has earned throughout his distinguished military career. He highlights that the most valuable medal is the one he awarded himself for overcoming depression. Despite his numerous accolades, it is his victory over mental health challenges that he cherishes the most. His narrative unfolds in an auditorium where he speaks proudly of his journey from depression to becoming a mental health advocate.

Dogra's story is particularly inspiring as it culminates in his achievement of completing the Ironman Triathlon in 2018 at the age of 60, while still serving as an army officer. This accomplishment underscores the potential for recovery and the importance of addressing mental health issues head-on.


Campaign Objectives

Samir Sethi, head of brand marketing at Policybazaar.com, articulates the campaign's goal of rethinking the concept of strength and giving mental health the recognition it deserves. He points out that mental health conditions like depression are common, yet many individuals do not seek help due to the stigma attached. Sethi emphasizes that the Health Insurance industry, through regulatory mandates by IRDAI, has started covering mental illnesses, thereby providing the necessary support for those in need.


Film's Ending Explained

The film concludes by framing the battle against mental health issues as "Himmat ki policy" (Policy of Courage). This message drives home the point that confronting and prioritizing mental health requires immense bravery. Policybazaar's campaign aims to inspire individuals to break free from societal barriers and seek the right medical assistance for mental health issues.



By leveraging the story of a decorated war hero, Policybazaar's campaign seeks to normalize discussions around mental health and encourage more people to seek help. The initiative not only highlights the importance of mental health but also aligns with Policybazaar's broader mission of providing comprehensive health insurance coverage, including for mental illnesses. Through powerful storytelling and a focus on real-life experiences, the campaign aspires to create a positive impact on mental health awareness and acceptance in society.