Cadbury Dairy Milk's IPL campaign honours the 'First Coach' of cricketers


Cadbury Dairy Milk's #ThankYouFirstCoach campaign celebrates the unsung heroes behind our cricket stars' success. The campaign urges fans to express gratitude to their first coaches, highlighting the importance of appreciation in nurturing talent.


Through a series of films, the campaign showcases the mentors - the first coaches of cricketers like Surya Kumar and KL Rahul. These coaches were instrumental in recognising and nurturing the talents of these players, from their humble beginnings to their stellar careers. Reflecting Cadbury Dairy Milk's ethos of generosity, the campaign pays tribute to these influential figures who played vital roles in shaping the cricketers' journeys.


These films show the deep thanks and emotions shared between players and their mentors, from local streets to big stadiums. The campaign also urges fans to join in by thanking their first coaches, showing how appreciation helps talents grow and dreams flourish.


Cadbury Dairy Milk has always believed in being generous, and this campaign continues that tradition. By highlighting the role of first coaches, the campaign spreads gratitude and acknowledges the important influence they have on cricket's future.


So, as #ThankYouFirstCoach spreads nationwide, Cadbury Dairy Milk invites everyone to be part of this sweet celebration of gratitude and recognize the impact of first coaches on shaping the game.


Nitin Saini, VP-Marketing at Mondelez India, said, "Through this emotional journey, we celebrate the power of gratitude and recognise the important role of first coaches in shaping dreams and nurturing talent. They are the ones who took the first risk, believed in the players, and guided them. We invite everyone to join us in honouring these silent architects of cricket's success stories."


Sukesh Nayak, chief creative officer at Ogilvy India, commented, "Cadbury Dairy Milk has been using the IPL platform to highlight crucial aspects of the game that often go unnoticed. This year, it's about recognising the first coaches of cricket stars. We wanted to remind fans that behind every famous shot, there's a coach who helped develop it. Let's thank these unsung heroes for their contribution to the game."


Shekhar Banerjee, chief client officer & office head at Wavemaker India, said, "Cadbury Dairy Milk's campaign shines a light on the first coaches, the heroes behind our cricket legends. Through various touchpoints and partnerships, we aim to give these coaches the recognition they deserve. Stay tuned as we unveil this heartfelt tribute during the IPL season."


As part of the campaign, special jerseys will be designed for these mentors, featuring the names of their students from the Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants. Cadbury Dairy Milk has also introduced special packs to allow fans to join the #ThankYouFirstCoach movement, showing gratitude to their own mentors.

Additionally, as a way to say thank you, the brand is inviting the first coaches of every IPL player to join them in the family box during matches. Here, cricketers can publicly thank and acknowledge their coaches. This gesture honours the coaches for their important role in the players' journey. It's a way to celebrate these unsung heroes of cricket and promote a feeling of connection and gratitude within the sports community.