Team India's victory in the ICC T20 Men's World Cup 2024 was a sweet moment, and Ferrero Rocher Moments wants to make it even sweeter. In a new digital ad, actor Sara Ali Khan celebrates the win with a pack of Ferrero Rocher Moments, emphasizing the joy of sharing.


Joining the Cricket Frenzy

The ad shows Sara Ali Khan sharing the exciting news of India’s win. She expresses her happiness about the match and grabs a pack of Ferrero Rocher Moments to celebrate. Sara highlights how perfect the treat is for sharing, encouraging everyone to join in the celebration by sharing the chocolates with friends.


Making the Moment Perfect

Sara reflects on the victory and how Ferrero Rocher Moments enhances the celebration, making it perfect. The treat features a creamy hazelnut and cocoa filling, covered in a crispy shell with crunchy cocoa sprinkles, delivering a delightful taste experience.


A Great Sharing Brand

Ferrero Rocher Moments is ideal for sharing and turning any occasion into a special moment with loved ones. Zoher Kapuswala, Marketing Head at Ferrero India, expressed excitement about the ad campaign. He noted that the film with Sara Ali Khan encourages everyone to share Ferrero Rocher Moments and create memorable cricket celebrations.


Part of the 'Make in India' Initiative

Ferrero Rocher Moments are manufactured at Ferrero India’s plant in Baramati, near Pune. The brand proudly supports the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. The chocolates come in a premium, easy-to-share pack, perfect for gifting and enjoying everyday moments.


Campaign on Social Media

The new digital campaign will be promoted across social media platforms, leveraging moment marketing and celebrity endorsement to connect with Indian consumers. The goal is to celebrate victories with the delicious taste of Ferrero Rocher Moments