Swiggy Instamart, known for quick deliveries, has taken a creative step this summer. Partnering with Havas Media India, they introduced a unique mango-scented front-page ad in the Times of India (TOI).


Launch Date and Ad Details

On Sunday, June 2, 2024, TOI readers in Mumbai encountered a special treat—a front-page ad from Swiggy Instamart that smelled like fresh mangoes. The ad, featuring bright visuals of mangoes and the phrase “Read this ad with your nose,” aimed to make the online shopping experience more engaging by stimulating the senses.


Wide Reach and Social Media Buzz

Approximately 800,000 copies of the special edition were circulated in Mumbai. The Page 1 and 2 jacket ad quickly became a topic of conversation, attracting a huge audience and gaining significant attention on social media.


Swiggy's Vision

Ashwath Swaminathan, CGMO of Swiggy, explained, "With this campaign, we wanted to go beyond traditional advertising and create a sensory experience that brings the joy of mango season directly to our customers. By using the powerful concept of smell, we evoke the essence of fresh mangoes and help users satisfy their cravings instantly by ordering on Swiggy Instamart."


Combining Nostalgia and Innovation

Mayur Hola, VP-Brand at Swiggy, added, “We grew up with scented strips in perfume ads and the lovely mango aroma in summer. This season, we decided to combine these nostalgic elements on the front page of the newspaper. It took a team effort to create this mango ad. Thanks to Havas Media India, Times of India, and the Swiggy Instamart team for working together to bring this fresh idea to life.”


Havas Media's Perspective

Uday Mohan, COO of Havas Media India, stated, “This campaign shows how powerful print can be in delivering impactful messages. By combining the smell of mangoes with the visual appeal of print, we created a meaningful experience that resonated with the audience. The positive feedback reaffirms our commitment to innovation. Our strong partnership with Swiggy is built on trust, and we will continue to push creative boundaries in all our collaborations.”