Pret's loyalty program, once called a success, is now facing criticism due to recent changes. These have left customers feeling a bit perturbed, to say the least.

What has the brand done to its Loyalty Program?

Launched in 2020, the program initially brought customers back to its branches with exciting perks like discounted coffee and food. However, the recent introduction of a subscription model and subsequent price increases have soured the experience for many. 

What started as a great deal at £20 a month for five coffees a day has gradually become less appealing as the price climbed to £30 and additional charges were added to food items. To compound matters, the program became exclusively app-based, limiting accessibility for some customers and preventing subscription sharing.

Customers Outrage at 'Over-priced' Coffee

This shift has sparked outrage on social media, highlighting the importance of clear communication and value exchange in loyalty programs. While change is inevitable, brands must consider how alterations will be perceived by customers and ensure that the value proposition remains strong. Boots, for example, successfully adapted its Advantage Card program by balancing point reductions with added benefits like discounts on own-brand products.

Ultimately, brands like Pret must carefully navigate changes to their loyalty programs to maintain customer satisfaction and avoid alienating their loyal fan base.

Pret's Indian Arm

In India, Pret operates a store in Mumbai and is considered a high-street coffee shop.