Liquid Death advertised their sparkling water in the zaniest advertisement ever. The brand's commercial opens up as an audition for a model that would feature in their sparkling water commercial. Sounds pretty simple. Except- the brand did it in a way, only they do best.

Liquid Death Sparkling Water Commercial

The difference in the advertisement strategy for Liquid Death is- the brand does not believe in beating around the bush. There is a lack of authenticity in soda commercials. Even brands claiming to be zero sugar and with no artificial flavour or syrups, there are hidden ingredients on the back of the label. Liquid Death aims to change that. The brand has clearly stated the amount of sugar and artificial syrup available in its sparkling water. 

Authenticity in Marketing

There is always the fear of coming across as preachy when one tries to not resort to any fancy messaging in their advertising. Liquid Death defies that. The commercial stars attractive models and sports people, holding your average soda bottle. Except- it is sugar. Most soft drinks are a mix of carbonated water with sugar. The brand begins the commercial with a caveat- not all your favourite sports persons drink 'pure sugar'.

Suffice it to say, the message is received, loud and clear.

Check out the brand's Instagram page for more inspiration on how 'unhinged' and audacious marketing can garner you, loyal followers and brand advocates.