YouthBeat, the youth marketing wing of Sociowash Network, secured the marketing task for Pizza Hut after a competitive multi-agency pitch. This victory adds to Sociowash Network’s growing list of global clients.


Promoting Pizza Hut Melts: The Delhi office will oversee promoting Pizza Hut's new Melts range, designed to excite the Indian market, especially targeting Gen Z.


Engaging Gen Z

  • Content Creation and Outreach: YouthBeat will create engaging content to promote the Melts range, ensuring it reaches young audiences on campuses and beyond.
  • Student Ambassador Program: A unique initiative involves 500 students across 8 cities acting as ambassadors to spread the word about the Melts range in innovative ways.


Weekly Challenges and Rewards

  • Competitive Spirit: YouthBeat plans to introduce weekly tasks and challenges for the student ambassadors. These tasks aim to increase product trials and broaden the reach of the campaign.
  • Rewards and Incentives: Progress will be tracked on a special microsite with a leaderboard. Top performers can win exciting prizes such as MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Jordans, and more, ensuring high engagement among participants.


Statements from Leaders

  • Raghav Bagai’s Enthusiasm: Raghav Bagai, co-founder of Sociowash, expressed excitement about partnering with a major player like Pizza Hut. He mentioned the creation of the "Melts Squad," a group of student ambassadors promoting the new range across India.
  • Optimizing the Program: Bagai highlighted their plans to use various tools to optimize the ambassador program, leveraging their understanding of Gen Z preferences to boost awareness and engagement.
  • Pizza Hut's Vision: The Melts range, with its tagline 'No interruptions. Only Satisfaction,' aims to show how enjoyable and fulfilling the new product is, ensuring fans can enjoy it without any pauses.
  • Aanandita Datta’s Perspective: Aanandita Datta, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut India, emphasized the importance of Gen Z for their brand. She expressed excitement about the Melts Squad program and how it will further engage this key demographic.