In 2023, the narrative shifted to the "India Story," positioning the country as a future superpower across various dimensions. This transition prompted a shift from asking "what" to "when" for India, spanning politics, startups, cinema, and business. Stakeholders from every sector took it upon themselves to narrate the India story to global audiences, each offering their unique perspective.

Communication played a pivotal role in crafting this narrative of progress and pride, with businesses and institutions eager to convey authentic stories.

PR and Communication leaders emerged as proactive players in identifying narratives and shaping communication strategies to align with the changing landscape.

They transitioned from a broadcast-led to an engagement-led model, leveraging technology to scale and measure their efforts effectively.

Recognizing the strategic significance of PR and Communication, more CEOs are allocating resources to build and safeguard organizational reputations on a larger scale.

Reflecting the evolving landscape, the 6th edition of the India Communication Summit 2024 by ET Brand Equity aims to serve as the premier platform for knowledge and insight sharing on the business of reputation.

It fosters conversations about the communications and PR industry, highlighting its critical role in shaping perceptions and driving success.

The event will be held on 9th May 2024 at the Leela Ambience, Gurugram. Interested marketers and communication professionals can register on the website.