The 'Mauka Mauka' ad campaign, which began nine years ago, has become a cultural touchstone in Indian cricket advertising. Created by Disney Star, it has consistently mocked Pakistan's cricketing record against India in ICC tournaments. As the latest edition airs ahead of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup on June 9, its relevance and impact are under scrutiny.


Background and Evolution

The original 'Mauka Mauka' campaign debuted to widespread acclaim, capturing the passion and rivalry between Indian and Pakistani cricket fans. Over the years, the campaign has become synonymous with the India-Pakistan cricket rivalry, a fixture that garners intense viewership and emotional investment.


Current Reception and Critique

While the campaign remains popular, there is a growing sense of fatigue and predictability. Critics argue that the repetitive nature of the ads has dulled their impact. The current state of the Pakistan cricket team, often unpredictable and less familiar to viewers, further diminishes the effectiveness of the mockery.


Shifting Media Landscape

The media landscape has transformed significantly since the campaign's inception. With digital ad expenditure in India projected to reach Rs 88,502 crore in 2024, nearly matching the total ad expenditure of 2015, the competition for viewer attention is fiercer. The proliferation of streaming services and social media has diversified entertainment options, contributing to viewer fatigue from traditional TV campaigns.


In-House vs. External Creativity

The latest 'Mauka Mauka' ad, produced by Disney Star’s in-house creative team, has faced criticism for lacking innovation. Sambit Mohanty, Creative Head at McCann Worldgroup, suggests that in-house teams may suffer from creative fatigue, leading to a sense of ennui in their output. He believes an external perspective could revitalise the campaign.


Future Directions

As the campaign continues, some suggest it should evolve to maintain its impact. Incorporating the South Asian diaspora's experiences, as **Smetacek** proposes, could add a fresh and relatable dimension to the ads. Highlighting interactions between Indian and Pakistani expats could provide new narrative avenues while preserving the rivalry's spirit.



The 'Mauka Mauka' campaign's relevance today is a subject of debate. While it remains a cultural marker for India-Pakistan cricket matches, its repetitive nature and changing viewer dynamics call for a creative refresh. Whether it will continue to captivate audiences or fade into nostalgia will depend on its ability to adapt and innovate in a rapidly evolving media environment.

Check out the old campaign from back in the day and then take a look at the new one.