A recent report by YouGov, a market research company, reveals that political advertisements have significantly influenced urban Indian voters ahead of the 18th General Elections. The report indicates that 76% of urban Indians have encountered political ads, while 14% have not.


BJP's Dominance in Political Advertising

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has a notable presence in political advertising, with 81% of urban Indians claiming to have seen their ads. In comparison, 47% have seen Indian National Congress (INC) ads, and only 12% have encountered ads from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).


Creativity and Resonance

BJP's ads are perceived as the most creative by 58% of urban Indians, while only 28% and 6% think similarly about Congress and AAP ads, respectively. Furthermore, 60% of respondents feel that BJP's ads resonate with viewers, compared to 27% for Congress and 5% for AAP.


Impact on Voting Behavior

The report highlights the significant impact of BJP's ads on voting behaviour, with 61% of urban Indians influenced to vote for BJP or reconsider their choice of another party. For Congress, this figure stands at 27%, and for AAP, it is 10%. As per the survey, the following key statistics were observed.

- Ad Visibility: BJP (81%), Congress (47%), AAP (12%)
- Top Platforms: YouTube (67%), TV (58%), Instagram (43%), WhatsApp (38%), Meta (35%)
- Ad Creativity: BJP (58%), Congress (28%), AAP (6%)
- Ad Resonance: BJP (60%), Congress (27%), AAP (5%)
- Influence on Voting: BJP (61%), Congress (27%), AAP (10%)