Is Moment Marketing the New Hack to Gain Traction?

Is Moment Marketing the New Hack to Gain Traction?

When Dhoni announced his retirement several big brands leveraged the moment. When Gmail was down, #GmailDown became a trending topic amongst all the brands. Be it #RasodeMain or #PubGBan, brands have indulged in a race to present the best creative around the trend. The idea behind this is to create the right message, engage with the consumers who are observing the ‘moment’ and grasp the traction. This is known as Moment Marketing.

Moment Marketing is the ability to take advantage of an event in order to deliver relevant related and mostly spontaneous content to consumers.

This usually helps to grab consumer traction, by presenting relatable content that interests everyone, right from students, employees, employers to retired people. Several brands like Zomato, Netflix, Swiggy, organisations like the Mumbai Police have used Moment Marketing with the help of relatable tweets and puns to engage with their consumers and share their viewpoint. 

Here are a few tips to capture the right opportunities to reap the benefits of Moment Marketing:

  1. Recognise the perfect opportunity and pair it with timely content.

  2. Be Ready to ideate and deliver the content while the trend is famous.

  3. Moment Marketing is only successful if you manage to insert your company and brand elements into the creative.

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