Unseen #MyIndia Film - A travel guide for this summer’s travel goals

Unseen #MyIndia Film - A travel guide for this summer’s travel goals

The one constant thing about the summer season is - it makes all of us itch for a break. To travel to a new destination with our loved ones. 


While the idea of summer vacation sounds fun and exciting, deciding where to head to can be a tricky task. This Unseen India travel film by MakeMyTrip becomes our saviour here since it gives such a brilliant view of what we are missing out in our travel plans and, in general, life.

A video worth watching!

From the beautiful landscapes of Himachal Pradesh to the never-ending beaches of Puducherry; this Unseen India travel film, with Vijay Raaz’s poetic voiceover, will definitely take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and will instill a feeling of pride for a nation that’s so culturally and traditionally diverse; joy towards a country that’s sprinkled with some of the best yet unseen travel gems; and excitement to see them all during our vacations.

Making of the #MakeMyTrip campaign

To showcase the beauty of these unseen hidden gems of India and to encourage everyone to explore India like they never have before, MakeMyTrip collaborated 22 renowned faces of the travelling community for its #MyIndia campaign. Over a span of 60 days, they covered more than 100 hidden gems in 19 states and 3 union territories, which made the rich, vibrant, and magnificent land of India.


Along with sharing their journeys (through IG Reels, image posts, and videos) with us, these content creators also encouraged users to share their travel experiences and stories of undiscovered places from India in order to participate in the #MyIndia contest, the winners of which would stand a chance to be a MakeMyTrip travel ambassador.

Influencer travel sneak-peek

Let’s have a look at some of the places covered by our favourite people of the internet:

Darjeeling’s beautiful hidden gems will definitely quench your thirst for nature, culture and vibes!

Don’t forget to check out the paradise-like experience that Niki Mehra had in Kashmir.


And one can’t enjoy a vacation well if their stay location isn’t just as perfect. Check out the stay property that Mohnish ws staying at in Meghalaya.

These posts are only some of the hidden gems that our favourite influencers have covered during their journeys to unravel the unknown. Explore MakeMyTrip’s Instagram page or Guides to find more travel inspirational content. Plus check out the MakeMyTrip app to see all the amazing places your favourite people visited during this campaign.

And while you’re on the app and are in the process of planning your next holiday, you can have easy access to multiple flights and stay properties - all in one place. All you’ve got to do is figure out where you want to head to this summer and let MakeMyTrip figure out the rest for you.

We can’t seem to contain our excitement to go exploring the unexplored, what about you?

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